spirit gathering (‘spɪrɪt gæðrɪŋ) n.

1. co-created gathering of spirits, meeting of creative, high vibrating, spiritually aware and open minded people, usually resulting in the sharing of knowledge and ideas, artwork, workshops, ceremonies, music jamsessions, creativity, food, tea, love and healing.

2. v. gathering the spirit, recharging the soul.



summer 2019

Psy-Fi Festival - Leeuwarden -

August 28- September 1

Check more information about the program on our facebook page:

Psy-Fi Festival Leeuwarden 

August 28th - September 1st

The Program

Our team of The Spirit Gathering at 

Psy-Fi festival this summer is compleet.

Let's co create organically

a beautiful edition

with team and vistors!

Much Love,

The Spirit Gathering Core-Team

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