Who are we?

Since 2012 The Spirit Gathering has been a home, a shamanic community at festivals mostly during the summer months. A platform for healing and co-creation.



The Spirit Gathering is a place where Shamans, Lightworkers, Earthkeepers & Gridworkers from all over the world combine forces, opening up a field for healing and transformation. It is an open platform for sharing, connection and igniting passion. Naturally stimulating individual and collective development and the absorption of skills and knowledge.

We would like to invite you to our home, a warm & lively place where you can fully be yourself. Share your soul and enjoy the music around the Sacred Fire or The Art & Knowledge podium. Be embraced in love, healing, compassion and fun. Welcome your Spirit to The Gathering. Our home, a lounge where chill tunes are played while tea & healthy foods are served, is always open 24 hours.



Since 2012 we started with our own mini festival. We've hosted our area on several other festivals like Burning man Netherlands, Paradigm, Mandala, Tribal Dance Gathering, The Living Village and at Psy-Fi now for the 7th year in a row.

 Visitor and crew co-create organically and can take advantage of many activities, healings, ceremonies, workshops and more.

We are always looking for people who want to share their talents, gifts and be a part of the crew of The Spirit Gathering at the next event. 

Right now we are preparing for Psy-Fi Festival 2020 in Leeuwarden. If you feel the calling to be a part of the team this year, keep an eye on our website or Facebookpage. The application forms will open soon!